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Fanny Pack Attack

What we're all about...

Fanny Packs!

Do you think backpacks are ugly? Do you hate overstuffed pockets? Do you enjoy hands-free living? Well my friend, let us tell you that you are not alone. In fact, millions worldwide are partaking in what has been dubbed the "Fanny Pack Uprising."  The fanny pack may very well be the most overlooked fashion accessory of all time. The time has come for this red-headed stepchild of the fashion world to make its triumphant comeback. This is why our mission at Fanny Pack Attack is to bring you the best fanny packs known to mankind. We have painstakingly scoured the earth for the world's most hip-flattering fanny packs so you don't have to. Our fine collection includes USA and American flag fanny packs, DARE and sequin fanny packs, neon fanny packs, as well as our HipJockeys, which deliver ear-blasting high-quality sound from your iPhone or iPod.  So strap up our friends, because fanny pack liberation has arrived!  We also have a sister site called Extreme 80's where you can buy Extreme 80's branded fanny packs directly from the source.  They are pretty cool and you may just find some other awesome 80s clothes and neon clothes while you are shopping there.