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Do you think backpacks are ugly? Do you hate overstuffed pockets? Do you enjoy hands-free living? Well my friend, let us tell you that you are not alone. In fact, millions worldwide are partaking in what has been dubbed the "Fanny Pack Uprising."  The fanny pack may very well be the most overlooked fashion accessory of all time. The time has come for this red-headed stepchild of the fashion world to make its triumphant comeback. This is why our mission at Fanny Pack Attack is to bring you the best fanny packs known to mankind. We have painstakingly scoured the earth for the world's most hip-flattering fanny packs so you don't have to. Our fine collection includes USA and American flag fanny packs, DARE and sequin fanny packs, neon fanny packs, as well as our HipJockeys, which deliver ear-blasting high-quality sound from your iPhone or iPod.  So strap up our friends, because fanny pack liberation has arrived!  We also have a sister site called Extreme 80's where you can buy Extreme 80's branded fanny packs directly from the source.  

They are pretty cool and you may just find some other awesome 80s clothes and neon clothes while you are shopping there.  
We are bringing the Fanny Pack back! At, we have a wide variety of stylish and fun fanny packs for all of your on-the-go needs. It’s time to invest in that item you love—the fanny pack. Wait, what? Yes, we’re saying it! The purse is out and the fanny pack is in. But, you’ll be the first to agree. Nobody wants to drag around a bulky backpack. That horrid man-purse was just a ridiculous fad and we are glad it’s gone. You can’t fit your necessities in the pockets of a pair of skinny jeans. The answer to this, one of the greatest fashion dilemmas of our time, is the fanny pack.

Unbeatable Styles and Selection

We have the widest selection of only the best fanny packs, with our neon fanny packs, denim fanny packs, clear fanny packs, and the ever-popular speaker fanny packs, which let you blast your tunes through your iPod or iPhone without missing a beat. With the fanny pack craze sweeping the nation, we are all about bringing the fun into the front. If 80’s style is your thing, we have the fanny packs for you. We have tested these fanny packs for durability, comfort, style, fit, capacity, ease of access, and much more.

If you are looking for that perfect accessory to hold your stuff without breaking your back or your bank, our fanny packs are just the ticket. Want to make a bold statement? Do you need just one last finishing touch to make your rocking look complete? Perhaps the sequined fanny pack is the item your ensemble has been missing – the final piece to bring your magical look together. Are you one of those people who have no secrets? The stars of Hollywood are ushering in the trend of clear baggage, so the addition of a see-through fanny pack is really a no-brainer. Show the world what you are carrying in your fanny pack. Take this style opportunity to the limit by displaying your must-haves right there on your hip.

Fanny Packs for Everyone!

Our fanny packs are taking the world by storm. Everyone who is anyone wants to sport one of our finely made, imminently useful, and incredibly cool fanny packs. Don’t be the odd man out, still carrying a backpack when the rest of the world has moved on! Display your impeccable fashion sense with our neon fanny pack, or share your patriotism with our USA pack. Trendsetters worldwide agree that the fanny pack is here to stay.

Fanny packs are not only the ultra-fashionable choice for people in the know. Health gurus love the fanny pack, because it eliminates the unwieldy burden of a backpack or purse on the shoulders. Those who put safety first adore our fanny packs because by wearing your important items close to the body in a fanny pack, you know they will be secure. You would be the first to know if someone tried to swipe your fanny pack! Some customers buy our fanny packs because they like to have a place to rest their hand while shopping or sightseeing. Some people like fanny packs because of the feeling of control it gives you over your possessions; right in front and right where you need them. The fanny pack has so many uses that make it the perfect accessory of convenience for these days of multitasking.

Your One-Stop Fanny Pack Shop

At, our prices are as great as our products, and we have promotions and deals coming out our fanny…packs. We are offering free shipping on all orders over $40, and the opportunity to save $20 when you spend $100. Are you planning the ultimate family vacation? Buy a fanny pack for the whole crew! Trust us, they will love you for it, and you won’t be stuck carrying their stuff.

Are you planning a bachelor or bachelorette party? Can you even think of a better gift than a neon fanny pack or even a sequined fanny pack for everyone in your group? We sure can’t. Keep your friends in sight while looking out of sight!

Here at we stock the highest quality and widest variety of styles of fanny packs. We pride ourselves on offering new and better designs, and bringing them to you, the fanny pack fashionista. Our Fanny Pack Attack has been featured in Trendhunter Fashion, Style Bistro, Glamour magazine, glo by msn, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Gift Insider, and more. Whether you are looking for the ultimate gift, designer hip wear for yourself, or just a fun and functional alternative to the satchels of the past, is the place to be. We love to hear from our customers, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your fanny pack needs. We are here for you, with our fanny packs on.