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Fanny Pack Attack Puts the Fun Back into Functional

With so many fashion revisits to the 80s and early 90s occurring over the last year, it almost seems strange that no other store than online retailer Fanny Pack Attack came up with the ingenious idea of reviving the hip-hugging carry-alls.


Website Specializes in Retro 80s Niche: Fanny Packs

Who could forget the 1980s: crimped hair, Walkman, “Thriller”, Yuppies, “Dynasty”, legwarmers and Wayfarer sunglasses? And, the fanny pack, those waist bags that were worn by “everyone from actors to professional athletes.”


Things To Make Your Monday Less Bad: Say Hello to

Are there some Mondays you wake up and think to yourself how much more amazing the week would be if you just had a neon fanny pack? Okay, probably not. But in case you ever suffer twinges of 80s nostalgia, now you'll know where to turn.


Get Caught Up On All Things Glo

Perhaps because of their unfortunate name or their association with middle-age American tourists, fanny packs have gotten a bum rap (no pun intended). But we're on a campaign to revamp the waist-purse's image. This sporty neon version proudly embraces its '80s past—and lets you practice your running man hands-free.

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Hey There, Hipster: Has Your Ironic Toting Needs Covered

Remember that old saying that if you wore a trend the first time around, you don't get to wear it again when it comes back in style? The guys at the newly-launched are hoping you disagree.


Kings of Niche E-Commerce -

Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton have launched three e-commerce companies in the last two years and have no plans to slow down. The duo expect to break $1 million in revenues this year.


What to Give Dads and Grads // Seen on WCIU Chicago

Our Checkered Hip-Jockey was featured on The Gift insider's TV Segment. Skip ahead to 3:45 to see our Hip-Jockey!